Training Page

People employed in O.R. are graduates with good degrees. O.R. is a multidisciplinary area where entry is not limited to people with particular qualifications. Whilst many have followed courses with a significant mathematical, statistical or computing content, opportunities can exist for people from other disciplines and those who move into O.R. from other professions. After graduating, the choice is either to seek employment straight away or follow a Postgraduate Degree Course.

For those seeking employment straight away, or already working in the industry and looking for more indepth training, The OR Society have organised over 1000 courses, seminars and conferences, including major international events. In the process we have earned a reputation for friendly, efficient and professional organisation. Quality is a major concern. Those who are providing the courses have been carefully selected for their expertise in the field and their experience as trainers.  For further information please see The OR Society website.

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