Careers in O.R.
Your Future in O.R.

Operational Research is a profession where initiative, creativity and enthusiasm are every bit as important as technical ability. There is great scope for you to make your mark and, consequently, your future is very much in your own hands.

O.R. - sometimes known as Management Science - is becoming increasingly flexible as a career and there is plenty of scope for people to move around. Within a few years, you might expect to become a project or team leader and, in due course, manage an O.R. department. Alternatively, many companies now employ people with an O.R. background in departments such as production or marketing or you could specialise in a particular area of O.R.

If you are thinking of a general management career, there are few better ways of getting an early overview and understanding of how organisations operate. Typically, O.R. teams are involved in projects which draw on a wide range of business skills and have dealings with anyone from shopfloor to boardroom. There are a growing number of directors and senior managers who started off in O.R. Whatever your career aspirations, O.R. will give you a flying start!

We have featured profiles of a few people who have built their careers in O.R. Their experiences will offer an insight into how they have developed their potential in O.R.

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