Careers in O.R.

If you enjoy maths but you’re not sure how you could use it in a career, take a look at O.R.  On these pages you’ll find a brief definition of what O.R. is and a movie showing people talking about their work in O.R.

If any of that looks interesting, have a look at the University courses section to see what type of degrees can help you start your career in O.R.

People employed in O.R. are graduates with good degrees. O.R. is a multidisciplinary area where entry is not limited to people with particular qualifications. Whilst many have followed courses with a significant mathematical, statistical or computing content, opportunities can exist for people from other disciplines and those who move into O.R. from other professions.

The OR Society runs its own specialist training programme which covers a wide range of techniques.  These courses are available to both members and non-members of The Society.

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