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ProfileS - Mark Bryant

Mark Bryant

Lanner Group

I completed a Mathematics BSc at York University with little idea of what I wanted to do, other than somehow apply the same skills I used in solving mathematical problems to relevant, real-life issues. One year later, equipped with an O.R. MSc from Lancaster, I joined the O.R. team at British Airways.

Four years at BA saw me applying O.R. techniques to scheduling problems; punctuality issues; call centre operations; cost reduction programmes and even a stint doing a 'proper' job on secondment as an aircraft controller. During this time I was continually learning new skills, particularly in the softer O.R. techniques, and developing old ones.

I am currently employed by the Lanner Group, a consultancy firm specialising in simulation. My work is immensely varied across a wide range of industries. Examples of recent work include:

  • Working with a major motor manufacturer to determine the best design for a factory in order to maximise throughput whilst minimising cost
  • Developing a tool to enable a large call centre to manage its staffing requirements to meet both financial and people requirements whilst maintaining service levels
  • Helping an NHS trust identify opportunities to reduce waiting lists and manage patient flows more effectively

Although O.R. techniques are still very much at the heart of my job, working as a consultant gives me the continual opportunity to experience different environments and overcome new challenges whilst delivering a service which can bring tangible benefits running to millions of pounds.

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