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ProfileS - Alistair Clark

Alistair Clark

UWE Bristol

During 25 years, my career in O.R. has spanned continents, encompassed both the public and private sectors, and allowed me to toggle between practice and academia.

Reconciling personal needs with a career can be tricky, but I have found O.R. to be very robust and transportable. After working for the Government O.R. Service and teaching at several UK universities, I moved to Brazil where there is a very active O.R. community. I first researched in an excellent university O.R. department and then worked for two very different companies. The first was IBM Brazil where I organised employee and client education in several OR-related subjects. The second company was a tiny but brilliant O.R. consulting firm where I applied my skills to Brazilian industry and learnt to market O.R. (not easy!) in the manufacturing, agriculture, and steel sectors. That experience* still informs and motivates a lot of my research.

After returning to the UK, I returned to academia  at UWE Bristol, where I consult for local firms, actively maintain my Brazilian links, and now edit OR Insight, the practice-oriented journal of the OR Society.

O.R. is international and wide-ranging. It opens doors to a rich variety of experiences and poses challenges that develop you both technically and managerially. Go for it - it's the opportunity of a lifetime.

* Do the Right Thing - When clients aren't clear about what they want", OR Insight, volume 11, issue 2, pp 24-27, April-June 1998.

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