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Rachel Gent

AEA Technology Rail
- Management

After completing a BSc in Mathematics at Durham and an MSc in O.R. at Lancaster I joined Nestle to work in their Operational Research Systems department in York. The work was focussed around the Supply Chain and involved pan European co-ordination. Eighteen months later I transferred to their Head Office in Croydon to join a new team carrying out high level strategic analysis of new business ventures.

After nearly 3 years with Nestle I decided a change of direction was in order so I moved to the O.R. department at London Transport. The nature of the business was very different (from chocolate and coffee to tube trains and buses) however the basic techniques and problem solving skills remained the same. My work at LT was very much based around the market and the customer analysing the results of a huge stated preference market research study. The aim was to assess how much London Underground customers value certain "ambient" improvements to the network (better lighting, security, comfort etc.).

After a year at LT I felt I needed to broaden my management skills and went to work as a Project Manager at AEA Technology Rail in their Management Consultancy Department and managed a simulation model of the railway called MERIT (Model to Evaluate the Reliability of Infrastructure and Timetables) which is used to see the effect of perturbing timetables.

Throughout my career I have seen many aspects of O.R. in a number of environments: Supply Chain Forecasting; Market Analysis; Market Research; Simulation. The work that is carried out within this department reflects the rich variety and challenge that O.R. has to offer.

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