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Stephen Hoad

Job Title:   Business Analysis Manger
Years in Current Position:        4
Organization Name:   Royal Bank of Scotland
Qualifications:   BSc in Mathematics, MSc in OR

Briefly describe the organization you work for.
A large bank – my part of the organisation deals with merchants who take payment by credit and debit cards.

How did you get your current job & what were the steps you took from graduation?
I got my current job by asking what opportunities there were in their organisation. After university I found my first job through an advert in the OR newsletter.

How relevant was your subject of study in securing your current job?
Very – I (or my team) still use mathematical techniques regularly

Describe a typical working day in your current job.
I manage a team of analysts, this involves reviewing their work, managing priorities, trying to secure funding for IT developments, performance appraisals and so on.

How do you use your degree in your current job?
The team does forecasting, predictive modeling and descriptive statistics – I still do some computer programming myself. But perhaps more importantly I spend a lot of time formulating problems – turn a general question into a specific set of analysis that can be undertaken.

What do you enjoy/like most about your job?
Working with people and solving problems to help the business stay profitable.

Which skills do you consider to be essential for your job?
Analytical mind set, ability to get on with people, ability to structure problems.

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