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Alan Stitt

Cap Gemini

Cap Gemini has one of the largest commercial O.R. groups in Europe, so work can vary from technically challenging O.R. work to more general management and IT consultancy. In my time with Cap Gemini I have worked on a great range of projects lasting between 5 days and 1 year. Two of the more recent ones are:

  • Working with a major motor manufacturer to plan the first few months of European production for a new vehicle. The aim is to ensure that the right vehicles are produced in the right plants at the right time, so that they arrive at dealers throughout Europe early enough to enable the launch to be a success. The technical problem is a linear program, as we have to maximise the success of the launch whilst staying within a large number of capacity constraints. The people management side of the project trying to satisfy different, and often conflicting, requirements from different functions is equally challenging.
  • Working with our sister company, Gemini Consulting, for a large multi-national manufacturing company in the Netherlands. The project involved making major changes in their production planning and their use of capacity. My part of the project was to build a model of the production planning process so that different ideas could be tested out to see what, if any, improvements could be made and whether they would work in practice.

Where do I see my future? There is always the chance of more overseas work, but wherever the work is, it is bound to be different and challenging. I would hope to get more responsibility and run larger teams on projects, as well as get experience in newer O.R. approaches and techniques such as constraint based reasoning and data mining.

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