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Cristiano Ronaldo – the Actim Index best Premiership player 2007/8

The Actim Index is the official player rating system of the English Premier League and Coca-Cola Championship. It was introduced for the 2004/05 season and was devised by O.R. analysts at the University of Salford in partnership with PA Sport.

The Actim Index identifies the players who make key contributions to a game and allows players to be ranked against each other using such criteria as playing position, nationality, age, or geographical location of their team. The Actim Index also highlights the key players in a league or team and shows the form of a player or team.

Individual player/team performances can be scientifically analysed over a season or period of time within a season and gives the fans a statistically robust view of who’s best.

The ‘O.R. Inside’

The calculations are based on the six key factors that contribute to a player's effectiveness and his ability to help his team win matches. The formulae were devised through analysis of hundreds of games since the start of the English Premier League in 1992 and have been statistically proven to measure a player's effectiveness in winning matches.

Complex mathematical formulae were devised to calculate the value of each player's contribution, match by match. In simple terms, the Actim Index comprises six calculations:

  • Calculation 1 - Assesses a player's contribution to a winning team, based on points won by the team when he appeared.
  • Calculation 2 - Assesses a player's performance in each game, by allocating points for actions that positively contribute to a winning performance such as shots, tackles, clearances and saves. It also takes points away from players for negative actions such as yellow/red cards and shots off target.
  • Calculation 3 - Allocates points based on time on the pitch.
  • Calculation 4 - Allocates points for goal scorers.
  • Calculation 5 - Allocates points for assists.
  • Calculation 6 - Allocates points for clean sheets.

The Actim Index was rigorously tested before it was released to the general public in the 2003/4 season. The Index clearly identified Cristiano Ronaldo as the most effective player in the Premier League in 2007/8.

You can find out more about the Actim Index at www.pa-sport.com/en/actim

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