What can O.R. do for you?

O.R. Inside New Sports Stadiums

Emirates Stadium

Building a new sports stadium might seem a straightforward project but good planning that has some O.R. Inside is likely to make things go more smoothly.

It’s all too easy for a major building project to go over budget and take longer than planned. The Organising Committee for the Athens Olympic Games involved an O.R. team that initiated and directed the development of a highly systematic approach to the design of venue operations. This approach was based on process engineering, scenario development, knowledge management and IT based on System Dynamics and simulation modelling.

On a practical level, O.R. techniques are excellent for helping stadium developers devise ways of ensuring that spectators will get to and from the new stadium quickly and safely and, in particular, to attend to issues such as parking, crowd management and pedestrian flows – in fact, most of the things that the developers have to get right first time. Having O.R. Inside the project at the planning stage will even help the designers to calculate exactly how many male and female toilets to include in the scheme!

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