This video production aims to explain what O.R. is through a wide range of case studies and can be used to highlight some ‘real-life’ applications of mathematics.  This video can also be used to help make career choices as it demonstrates the variety and type of work that can be undertaken in the profession.

The individual sections of the video can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

We would like to thank our collaborators in the production of this video:

  • Asda (O.R. in Supply Chains)
  • British Airways (O.R. in Transport)
  • Formula 1 Racing Team (O.R. in Sport)
  • GORS (O.R. in Government)
  • Steer Davies Gleave / Emirates Stadium (O.R. in Sport)
  • Tata Steel (O.R. in Manufacturing)
  • The NHS (O.R. in Government)

We are also providing the video in the form of a free DVD. If you would like to receive a copy of the DVD, then please contact us.

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