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The following links will take you to post ‘A’ Level examples of O.R. applications, one from members of OR Society, one from Lancaster University, one from Imperial College and the other Melbourne University.  Please note that these links take you away from the LearnAboutOR site.
  • Indepth Guides (currently on Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Revenue Management). These microsites (due for a facelift in the near future) have been written by members of The OR Society.
  • Handling Strategic Problems - This consists of a large set of web pages which show both case studies and the methodologies recommended. The purpose of these pages is to be a resource to help those teaching and learning about methodologies which fall under the broad umbrella 'Soft OR'. The project has been based in the Management Science Department at Lancaster University in the UK, with funding from The OR Society. These pages are very old, but the content is invaluable. They are undergoing a facelift, and we hope to have the new pages available soon.
  • Tutor - An introduction to OR theory and not applications, TutOR is dedicated to the development of on-line tutorial modules for OR/MS subjects. About 20 modules are operational and accessible via a web browser supporting JavaScript (e.g. Netscape 4.5 +, MIE 4.5 +). This is based at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • OR-notes - A series of introductory notes on topics that fall under the broad heading of the field of operational research. They were originally used by Professor John Beasley in an introductory O.R. course he gave at Imperial College. They are now available for use by any students and teachers interested in O.R.

If you would like to find out more about the different kind of careers that the study of mathematics can lead to then visit the mathscareers website.  It is a resource that provides a single starting point for those wishing to know where studying mathematics can lead. You will find a wealth of articles and resources that could help inspire your students to continue studying mathematics. The website has a particular focus on young people between the age of 11 and 19.

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