Careers Information

O.R. practitioners apply their skills of incisive analysis and numeracy to real world problems. Now, more than ever before, the public and private sectors require the involvement of those who can approach highly complex problems in a systematic, creative and pragmatic manner.

Many of the techniques that O.R. has developed through the last few decades have been absorbed into standard management practice.

O.R. has moved on to newer challenges supported by ever-improving technology and the track record of earlier achievements.

O.R. is an evolving discipline - because the world is ever changing. Over the years, O.R. has firmly embedded itself in a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, transport, retailing, marketing, the financial and service sectors as well as local and central government.

Because the skills required to undertake good O.R. - an analytical mind with an action orientation and sound people skills - are precisely what are needed in all successful managers, O.R. is a significant recruiting ground for senior management talent.

Careers in O.R. aims to offer a flavour of some of the varied career opportunities that are available to O.R. people.

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