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Issue ExplORer is an occasional publication of The OR Society and is intended to raise issues relevant to the UK business community. Issues are listed below by their titles.

Transport and Storage

Wasting space in trucks and containers costs big money Are you spending more than you need to on logistics and transportation? How O.R.: The Science of Better can cut transport and storage costs (there is also PDF version)

Strategic Planning

Too much complexity? Left hand not sure what the right hand’s doing? Wish you could have more‘joined up’ strategic planning? (there is also PDF version)

Human Resources

The effective management of human resources is a crucial part of any strategic approach for organisations Are you getting the very best value out of your most expensive assets? (there is also PDF version)

Supply Chain Management

Better Supply Chain Management can dramatically cut costs and improve efficiency in today’s connected economy Is your profitability being hit by outdated supply chain functions? (there is also PDF version)

Credit Risk Management

Extending the most credit to the safest customers is good business; refusing any credit to potentially good customers costs money Is your credit risk management strategy costing you profit? (there is also PDF version)

Customer Relationship Management

Research suggests that the majority of companies express some dissatisfaction with their CRM project Is your Customer Relationship Management project living up to expectations?

Mergers and Acquisitions

A third of mergers and acquisitions will fail and another third will not bear out the expectations of the merger partners So how can you be sure of the best possible fit?

Resource Planning

In the NHS, there's no quick fix solution to the challenge of balancing resources and demand, but how can you make more of what you've got?


Whether you're already doing e-business or planning entry how can you be more successful?

Profitability and Services

Congested roads and high fuel taxes put pressure on the costs of all businesses But you can still improve profitability and services.

Customer Relationship Management

You might be saving money on customer service but are you alienating your most important customers?

Performance Measurement

Effective performance measurement is the key to effective management, but using the wrong measures can actually make things worse.

Data Mining

Can you find the gold that's buried in your data?

Revenue Management

High fixed costs? Low variable costs? Fairly fixed capacity? Highly competitive marketplace? So, how can you improve profits? (Answer; by identifying your best customers and selling to them first)

Knowledge Management

Staff turnover is an increasing problem. Are you allowing your company's valuable knowledge assets to walk out the door?

The views expressed reflect those of the individual authors and are not necessarily the views of the Society.
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